Laser depilation / permanent hair removal at the CLIPP Paris

Laser hair removal has become a common and widespread practice and is actually the number one laser aesthetic procedure in the world in terms of number of treatments. Medical and clinical studies have proved its reliable efficiency on brown and black hair.

Several laser sessions are required for a durable depilation. Durable laser hair removing has become increasingly popular with women, with a proven efficiency.

Our Clinique is equipped with specific Lasers dedicated to hair removal, presenting (if necessary) very large impacts, with also a cryo-anesthetic device (air-cooling on the skin, for a more comfortable medical care) allowing our physicians to treat large areas, with minimized pain.

This last point is very important to consider Laser treatments, as they can sometimes be painful. Again, with the outstanding excellency of our technologies and highly skilled practicians, Laser hair removal receives the same well-deserved attentions as our other medical treatments at the CLIPP – Paris.

In order to treat all skin types (from fair to pigmented skins), our Clinic disposes of the most possible complementary Laser techniques, presenting two different wave-lenghts (the Alexandrite and Nd Yag Lasers from Candela and Cynosure).


Why two differents laser for hair removal ?

The CLIPP is equipped with two complementary lasers for hair depilation: the Alexandrite and Nd Yag Lasers.

The Cynosure Elite depilation Laser.

The Cynosure Elite is considered as the reference in Laser depilation.

With optimized safety for fair or little pigmented skins, the Elite Laser is equipped with large diameter impacts in comparison with standard lasers (18mm diameter) allowing to treat large areas such as the legs, back etc…

This hair removal Laser is equipped with a cryo-anesthetic feature with a two-fold  objective: one is to dramatically decrease the sensation of pain induced by the Laser act, as the other one is to offer a thermal protection of the epidermis in order to avoid any risks of complications following the Laser treatment.

The Continuous ND-Yag “Gentle Yag” : hair depilation on “ethnic” skins

With pigmented skins (from matte to black skins), it is highly preferable to use a different Laser from the Alexandrite: the Nd-Yag Laser. 

As a result of a different wavelength, the latter one is captured by the melanin within the epidermis: Consequently, there are less interferences between the targeted melanin within the hair bulb (that we want to destroy), and the melanin within the epidermis (that we want to preserve!). The melanin located within the epidermis varies, depending on the skin’s complexion.

Therefore, this laser is highly recommended in every cases of pigmented skins. For each type of skin there’s a different laser, with optimized efficiency and reduced hazard.

Face laser depilation / Hair removal

Face hair depilation with laser technology induces specific precautions. Indeed, for a woman, a significant hairiness can lead the doctor to wonder about a possible hormonal dysfunction… Which could lead to a paradoxical regrowth of the hair bulb after the laser sessions. Therefore, especially in this case, every of our patients preliminarily consult our physicians here, at the CLIPP.

In any case, a prior consultation with one of our doctors will determine a precise and individual medical estimate. Indeed, all medical treatments necessitate the advice and knowledge of a medical professional, guarantying the best medical care.


"Permanent laser hair removal does not exist. In reality, we must speak of lasting laser hair removal because in all cases maintenance sessions may be necessary after some time."
Aesthetics MD

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